About Holly Reynolds


A design leader and UX/UI Bootcamp instructor (@GaTech) and design mentor (ADPList, Designed.org, IxDF) with over 12 years of industry experience in various disciplines of digital design. I’m well versed in every aspect of the end to end design process from ideation to delivery including problem validation, user insight synthesis and research, solution validation, and UX strategy.

I understand the value of starting small and iterating, while thinking big and understanding the larger customer and business need.

A day for me includes collaborating with product, other designers and engineers, seeking opportunities to understand business and customer goals, and driving the design vision alongside my PM counterpart for our specific part of the product. I may be writing documentation, creating sketches of ideas or wireframing, creating prototypes for quick feedback or testing with users, leading user interviews or even writing a bit of HTML, CSS.

Transparency, humility and diversity are a few values personally important to me.

This portfolio only contains a small piece of my work, so reach out if you’d like to see more!