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Holly Reynolds - UX and Web Design - iiQ Mobile Inbox

The Request

To create a mobile version of their existing Notification Inbox system and explore ways to improve the experience for customers on mobile.

The Goal

Take the existing desktop version and condense it into a simplified, mobile interface that would be user friendly.

The Process

Because we had a desktop version, the process became less about the design of the feature itself and more about who uses it on mobile, how they use it both currently on the desktop and how they would need to use it on a mobile device. We collaborated as a team and discussed ways to simplify the process, cutting back on interactions and real estate to create a simple flow that still feels familiar to the desktop.

The Results

We decided to simplify things a bit from desktop to mobile. On the desktop, clicking the notification icon in the top right menu bar (displayed here with the orange number showing new notifications) resulted in a small Notifications preview screen. Going to “My Inbox” gave them a full view of the same information. On tablets this was condensed so that selected the orange notification alert would go straight to the My Inbox and the notification details were listed within each ticket rather than requiring a separate screen. For phones, this was further condensed to just showing the basic notification information on the Inbox screen. Selecting a notification would then give the option to view additional ticket details, if they chose, acting under the conclusion that on mobile, most customers would want to see notification details more than ticket.

Holly Reynolds - UX and Web Design - Portfolio - Lexicon iiQ Mobile Design

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