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I’ve worked two different roles at VersionOne. The first was the position of a Marketing Web Designer of course on the Marketing team, and the second as an Interaction Designer on the Dev team. This project was one of the campaigns I worked on while in Marketing. It was a one month campaign which included a website and email drip.

The Request

We wanted to create a fun campaign around March Madness to help offer clarity about the different roles within an agile environment, but also encourage a little fun competition between the roles. The request was to create a character representing each role that we could reuse for various parts of the campaign including t-shirts, emails and a website. The website would be a bracket setup where customers could sign up, and vote for their favorite character. Each week it would narrow down until a “winner” was crowned.

The Process

The panda was an image we used often as it tied into an ongoing Agile Pandamonium campaign we had. Keeping that in mind, I designed a fun version of the Panda representing each role in an agile team. These were applied later to the website I designed and created (which is sadly no longer live now that the campaign is over) where visitors could interact and vote for their favorite character.

The Results

We had a winner, “The Customer”! The pandas were reused later on t-shirts and for the email campaign.

Holly Reynolds - UX and Web Design - Portfolio - March Madness Pandas

Holly Reynolds is UX and Web Designer who occasionally relaxes by baking, knitting or reading for hours. She lives in Roswell, Georgia with her husband and three hairy German Shepherd rescues.

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