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Holly Reynolds - Product Designer

Sassy Box

Summary This was a little side project I did just to showcase some UI design work. It is a rethinking of the standard women’s clothing box business model which I’ve called “Sassy Box”. I created the logo, color palette, and user personas for what I believe could be a target market for this brand.   […]

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Holly Reynolds - UX and Web Designer - Hack Week

Kanban Board

Summary For a recent Hack Week, my team and I decided to work on a simple Kanban board application. We defined the problem we wanted to solve, our target audience and goal on Monday and then spent Tuesday and Wednesday reviewing user data in Google Analytics and Pendo, as well as interviewing individuals who fell […]

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Holly Reynolds - UX and Web Designer - Wireframes

Timesheets – VersionOne

The Request Our customers had expressed for some time the need for timesheet tracking. This is something typically discouraged within an agile environment, but due to the demand we decided to work on a solution. The Goal We quickly discovered through interviews with the target user, devs and testers, that many already didn’t care for […]

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Holly Reynolds - UX and Web Designer - iiQ Inbox

Mobile Inbox – iiQ

The Request To create a mobile version of their existing Notification Inbox system and explore ways to improve the experience for customers on mobile. The Goal Take the existing desktop version and condense it into a simplified, mobile interface that would be user friendly. The Process Because we had a desktop version, the process became […]

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Holly Reynolds - UX and Web Designer - UI Refresh

UI Refresh – VersionOne

Summary We knew we needed to update the chrome of our application with a more modern look and feel, but also address some usability issues such as drawing attention to certain highly useful features, creating a visual hierarchy for CTAs on screens with multiple buttons, and defining a new color palette. There were at least […]

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Holly Reynolds - UX and Web Designer - Mobile

Mobile Dashboard Redesign – iiQ

The client felt their existing mobile application was a bit dated from a design standpoint and that the interface was too heavy. They wanted to see something a little more modern and visually appealing, as well as simplified. The Process As the Product Designer for this project, my process began with asking questions about the […]

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Holly Reynolds - UX and Web Designer - Web Design

Garvin And Co

The Request This was such a fun project! I was approached by a friend who said his wife needed a blog site redesign. At the time, her site lived on which meant she was limited from how much custom design work she could do. Her monthly visitors averaged around 100k, which meant that it […]

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